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Hi! I am Xinke (Coco)

I am a product designer passionate about creating human-centric products. My curiosity about people drives me to dig deeper into people's real needs and put myself in users' shoes in design. My technical knowledge helps me collaborate across boundaries to generate novel ideas and bridge the gap between technology and intuitive user experiences.

I believe that design is a way of understanding and solving real user problems, a way of forming a sweet relationship between creativity and practicality, and a way of improving our connection with technology.

I love these words:

  • "First we build the tools, then the tools build us." —— Marshall McLuhan

  • "Technology can augment people’s actions in ways that have a wealth of significance but seem unremarkable, because its interactions are ‘so highly situated, so fitting, so natural." —— Notion of Unremarkable Computing

Others describe me as:

  • 🔥 Full of Energy

  • 💗 Empathy Queen

  • 💻 Quick learner driven by curiosity

  • 🔧 Good problem solver

Besides design and research, I enjoy...

  • 🎬 Watching suspense films 

  • ✏️ Writing blogs

  • 🧘‍♀️ Practicing Yoga

  • 🐱 Patting my little cat

  • 🍧 Exploring different types of food

👋 Let's make friends!

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